Paul "I developed slowly and had no thoughts of pro tennis at age 18. University helped me grow as a player, a student, and a person. My decision to go to the United States changed my life. I would recommend the experience to anyone."

Paul Haarhuis - Holland. ATP high #19

Former GSC client Jeremy Lamandé:

Lorient, France, highest French ranking 1/6
Flagler College, Florida

To whom it may concern:

I have been at your place several years ago. While finishing HS, I received a letter from Global Sports Connexion giving me the opportunity to keep on my studies in the States. I remember Marc Legris was very kind and he really encouraged me to live this experience. All the admission process and other steps toward the departure went very went and I was able to start my US experience after several months. I was able to combine tennis and studies without any problem. Tennis level is very good in the States and most schools do practice 2-3 hours per day. Team competitions are very intense, much more than while playing for your club. I have some great memories. On the study part, students really have options and choices. It could go from International Business to Foreign Politics or Teaching. As an athlete you receive a scholarship that helps you to get access to schools that most of the US students can not because of the very high costs. After finishing my studies, I stayed in the States and worked in a private tennis club in New York waiting for better opportunities to come. I have just recently started to work in Wall-Street. My opinion is there are enormous opportunities in the States and whatever you decide to do it will be a unique experience. I thank GSC to have helping me to open those doors, the second step is really just motivation and willingness. If you want an advice I will say study your English relatively in advance to do good at the Sat and Toefl and it will give you better options at first as far as universities.

Good luck to all of you,


Former GSC client Nico Terrien:

Nantes, France, highest French ranking -2/6
Loyola Marymount University, California

Dear all,

My name is Nicolas Terrien. I am 26 years old now. I want to share with you how going to the States and playing college tennis have changed my life. I left Nantes, France at age 19 after finishing the French High School system to Loyola Marymount University (LMU), located in Los Angeles. I was ranked -2/6 in France (my best result was reaching the ¼ Final of the under 18 French Championship) and wanted to combine tennis and studies which was impossible in France. GSC helped me to get a full scholarship for 4 years and to live a wonderful experience. After a semester to adjust with the language, I did follow the 'normal' classes. And after 4 years I did receive a Bachelor in Sociology. On the side, we had tennis practice everyday to get ready for the College Competition against the best universities in California and in the country. Everything was done for athletes to be successful on and off the court. At first it was not easy, not knowing anybody but being an athlete makes you being part of a large group as we lived mostly all together. While being in my senior year of college in the States, I started to look at my options and asked again GSC with you I kept contact through out my US college career for advice on what to do after college. Knowing I wanted to come back to France to keep on my studies. GSC advised me to apply for a 3rd cycle (Graduate school) at a French Business School. I got an equivalency for my Bachelor at LMU and did apply to several Business schools in France. I got positive reply from all of them. My unusual background really made a difference. I picked the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce à Angers (ESSCA) to integrate the 4th of their 5 years system. Of course I had to take the TOEIC and the TAGE-MAGE (equivalent to GMAT) required by most European Graduate Business Schools but it was not really a problem for me after spending 4 years in the States. 'I did graduate from ESSCA in June 2009 with the emphasize of Purchase and Logistics. Since I have done 2 internship in 2 Logistics companies in Paris. On May 1rst, I am starting a real paid job as a Purchaser for TDF (Television de France).

I am really happy about the decision I made 7 years ago to leave France to go the States with GSC! Thanks to the GSC Staff for their expertise.'

Former Michigan State Women's Coach:

"Global Sports Connexion provides an excellent service both for prospective student-athletes and for collegiate coaches. The GSC staff has a great understanding of the various levels of tennis in the US and works hard to match players to the program of best fit. As a coach I knew that GSC players would be academically and athletically ready from the first day."

Former coach Top 10 Tennis and Aacad:

Dear Prospective Student Athlete,

As you begin the process of selecting a U.S. university, it is of up most importance to find a school that best suits your needs both athletically and academically. Every student is unique. Your wants and desires may vary dramatically from those of other student athletes. It is essential that you have someone who can help guide you through the confusing college selection process and match you with the school that best fits your particular needs. GSC's College Connexion service does a fantastic job of matching the player with the school that best fits their needs. There are so many choices and opportunities at U.S. universities that it can at times be a bit overwhelming. College Connexion has the knowledge, experience, and resources to help you narrow your choices and make the best possible decisions. GSC' s Director, Mark Ozer, has a unique understanding of college tennis and a keen sense for where a player would best fit. GSC a tremendous relationship with a wide array of college coaches and his vast connections will assure that you find the best fit overseas. You cannot blindly undertake such a huge decision process. You should seek the advice of someone who knows college tennis and U.S. universities. College Connexion is without question the foremost authority in this area. As a top schools, we receive hundreds of letters and phone-calls from prospective players each year. We would like to follow up with all of them and see if they were a potential fit at our school, but we can't. That is why a service like College Connexion is so valuable to us coaches as well as players. We know that when GSC proposes a player to us that it will be a potential fit for both parties. That saves everyone a great deal of time and work. I wish you a great deal of luck in the process that awaits you and look forward to speaking with you in the future if you are seeking the academic and athletic excellence of our school."
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