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How is the American university system structured?

Americans generally finish a "high school" at age 18 and begin university in August or September the same year. A typical student finishes his/her degree in 4 years. Upon receiving an "undergraduate" degree, the students starts work or pursues an advanced degree in a field such as medicine or law. An American college's liberal arts philosophy values critical thinking and a wide skill base rather than initially focusing on a specific subject. The school year is normally from September to May with a 3 month summer vacation. There is generally a one month break in studies in December and January as well as a week long spring break in March or April. American universities range in cost from $10,000 to $45,000 per year. Private schools generally have fewer students and cost more than State/Public schools. Financial aid given to needy students and scholarships given to exceptional academic and athletic performers help cut costs at all schools.

What is American College Athletics all about?

There are over 30 sports offered at American universities. All programs are based on the American concept of the student-athlete. All athletes take classes with their fellow students while representing their schools in competition against other universities.

Collegiate athletics is broken into five blocks-each of which has different rules and procedures:

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