College Connexion FAQ

Clients since 1997Over 500

% offered opportunities 100%

Average first year scholarship $20,000

Number of scholarship offers per client 3

Different universities attended 100*

What GSC's College Connexion is all about

Our student athlete profile

We work with people who strive for excellence. Our clients have either:

a) Performed at a very high level on court.

b) Excelled in the classroom.

c) Been outstanding in both settings.

Players interested in a scholarships should be highly ranked juniors or successful adult players. Academically oriented students need strong marks throughout high school and on final graduation exams. All students will prepare seriously for the SATs at home or in a prep course.

The schools we work with

We generally place students in the top 100 tennis and academic programs in the country. This is where we have the contacts and the credibility to make a difference. We want students to be surrounded by teammates and classmates that share their talent and commitment.

What does GSC do for our clients

GSC works on their behalf with coaches and administrators to help them earn scholarship money and acceptance at schools that give them the opportunity to grow. Our interaction with coaches is aggressive and pro-active. We do not sit back and wait for letters to be answered. We assure that our player receives maximum value and optimum choices.

How we understand our clients' strengths and needs

We talk to players and parents and examining client's athletic and academic backgrounds. We also talk with the client's coaches, and often work players out on court ourselves. If the academic results are a concern, GSC devises a training program to get clients on the right track. GSC is there to make a difference in the process.

The GSC selection

GSC will not work with every player and every university that contacts us. We do not risk our reputation with coaches and administrators by proposing students that don't fit their needs or with students by placing them where they will not be fulfilled.

GSC focuses on situations where there is intense competition for spots and serious choices to be made by coaches and students alike. To help coaches and players make those choices we must know every player, every coach, and every university. You can't know 1000 universities and 200 players a year.

Other students

There are many schools in the US (the other 85%) and scholarship matching services ready to serve their needs. These students would be ill served by GSC because their backgrounds do not allow us to give them the full value of our expertise. Declining to serve most of the client pool means that GSC will be focusing on the right candidates.

How we are different

    • We work only on behalf of tennis players
    • We put unmatched technology to work for you - including detailed information on over 1300 schools, coaches, and tennis programs
    • We have the experience - finding opportunities since 1990
    • We maintain an extensive network of relationships across the globe, and we are based in the United States - giving us the right mix of contacts to US universities and players worldwide
    • We don't want to be the biggest placement service. We want to be the best.

    Is GSC's College Connexion Right for You?

    GSC's College Connexion service is not right for everyone. Before you invest in GSC you need to know what is important to you. When you hire GSC you have made a big decision. You have decided that the assurance of the job being done correctly and professionally is valuable to you.

    If you are not committed to attending school in the United States then you don't need GSC. We can help you understand the potential rewards and pitfalls in coming to school in the US, but then you have to commit to US study or choose another path. We can't put our relationships with coaches on the line for tennis players who are undecided and lack commitment.

    If you decide to work with GSC, we highly value the trust you have put in our expertise and commitment. We take our work seriously and work with people that strive for success and are ready to join us as partners in finding your best opportunity. Here are some things to think about.

    During the Search.

    After your initial investment, GSC will save you time and money during the search process. Instead of your forging a mass campaign using phone, letters, and faxes, GSC will conduct a focused search that puts you in contact with the schools that you should be speaking with and insures that you have a meaningful dialogue.

    GSC will save you the frustration of not getting in contact with coaches or not having them respond to you. Coaches do not have the time to do research on everyone that writes them a letter or calls them, but they talk to GSC. This is because we have built up our reputation with years of expertise concerning the level of European and college players. They trust our opinion and have confidence in our professionalism. You need a guide. GSC is an ideal one.

    When possible, GSC will arrange visits to the United States for our clients. Trips provide important perspective for clients and their cost is generally covered in all or part by schools.

    GSC finds opportunities that others would miss because of our detailed knowledge of NCAA rules and experience with a variety of different academic track options.

    The Right Choice at the Right Time.

    It takes time to find the right school. Sometimes you run out of time and enrollment gets pushed back to the next year. Rules can diminish choices and the opportunity is lost. An efficient process insures this does not happen to you.

    International players often accept offers at schools that are not a good match. They then spend years at a school that does not match their academic and athletic levels and lose out on realizing their potential. With proper guidance and work this can be avoided.

    Delivering the Big Prize.

    A scholarship to an American university can have a value over $30,000 per year and $100,000 over four years. Tapping into a full scholarship provides not just tennis and studies but also meals and housing along with access to a vast range of facilities. GSC gets our clients maximum value. On the men's side a 10% increase can mean over $10,000 during a college career and knowing whom to talk to and how to do it often means a great deal more than that.

    GSC is Always There to Help.

    GSC makes a commitment to each client to spend as long as it takes to find the right fit for that client's athletic and academic level. We often put over 50 hours of work in on a clients behalf. We do not stop working for you until we have maximized your options.

    GSC will be with you throughout the entire process: from making a short-list of potential schools to evaluating scholarship offers to arranging recruiting visits in the United States to navigating admissions requirements to making class selections, GSC is on your side.

    Even after you have made your choice and begun school in the States, GSC is there when there are questions about academics, tennis, or just life as a student.

    If GSC is right for you we welcome the challenge of helping you achieve your goals.

    Why use GSC?

    Even American athletes often find the college recruiting process confusing and frustrating. For international students, the following issues can make the process overwhelming:

    • Communication
    • Vastly different educational systems
    • The great number of schools
    • The many rules determining eligibility-NCAA
    • Lack of good information about tennis teams
    • Lack of good information about academics

    With GSC's help you can take control of the process and find your best opportunity.

    GSC's contacts with coaches and universities and knowledge of US and International tennis and academic systems provide your best chance to find a school that meets your unique needs and goals.

    GSC has the personal and professional experience to efficiently guide you through the process without bias. Our goal is to match you with a school and a tennis program where you reach your maximum potential on the court and in the classroom. We are an independent company not affiliated with any one university.

    You are our client. We work only for you.

    What will GSC do for you?

    • Initial assessment of university options and arrangement of appropriate tests and transcript clearance
    • Walk through NCAA eligibility center process
    • Up-to-date general and specific information on college programs
    • In-depth assessment of players' goals, academic and otherwise, and ideal college profile chosen
    • Work with player to target schools based on a complete analysis of players needs and levels
    • Introduce player to US coaches through distribution of player background material
    • Personal contact with college coaches on behalf of GSC clients
    • Guidance offered throughout application process and campus recruiting visits arranged
    • Locate and assess scholarship offers and present options to client
    • Offer consultation on final decision and enrollment and advice while in school

    • GSC has worked with players attending many top schools including: Yale, Texas, UCLA, Notre Dame, Stanford, Harvard, Duke, Princeton, South Carolina, Berkeley, Florida, Alabama, and San Diego

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