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What the tennis world says about GSC

"College Connexion has been terrific for us, because it has exposed our new program to high level players in Europe. We have been fortunate to be in touch with players not only of quality, but of great character and attitudes. Mark Ozer has played at an American University and has also played extensively in Europe and around the world making the evaluating of players by College Connexion highly accurate. He continues to update his familiarity with College Tennis here in the U.S., which helps his knowledge of where recruits might fit into our programs."

- Chris Russell,
Men's Tennis Coach

There are many reasons why I used GSC. Personally I found the whole prospect of coming to the states a little scary. I mean I knew absolutely nothing about any of the colleges apart from maybe Stanford. GSC provides huge amounts of information about all the tennis colleges as well as hands on Experience.

GSC has contact with a lot of coaches and is known for being very successful at placing players in the right places. I know from my personal experience that I was able to come here, to Pepperdine, because of the good contact that GSC had with the coach, Peter Smith. GSC is not only a great help on the tennis side but also keeps you in check with all the administration and documentation that needs to be filled out in order to be eligible. It keeps you well informed on all the dead lines that have to be met and tests that have to be taken.

- A.G.

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